BroilKing PR-D1 Professional Double Burner Range

BroilKing PR-D1 Professional Double Burner RangeOne interesting hot plate that consumers are able to find in the marketplace is the BroilKing PR-D1 professional double burner range.

Now, if you have some knowledge about the kitchen appliance field you would know that Broil King is a big and respected American company that produces high quality equipment (they are more known for their grills than for their Broil King hot plates).

But it doesn’t mean that you should instantly buy this Broil King burner without learning more about this appliance first. So, let’s focus on the advantages and disadvantages of the Broil King hot plate.

The Performance of The Broil King Hot Plate

To begin with, it’s necessary to mention that your cookware should match the BroilKing double burner’s dimensions – 5-1/2-inch tubular elements, and thus big pots and other huge cookware aren’t going to be ideal for this Broil King burner. A pot that is just too big for the BroilKing PR-D1 professional double burner range is going to take a pretty long time to boil.

On the other hand, the Broil King hot plate is capable of producing very high heat, and for a portable electric stove it’s quite impressive (it’s not something that should be disregarded since many hot plates really do struggle to reach a hot enough temperature).

However, one significant problem that you can encounter when using the Broil King burner is the troublesome temperature controls. Apparently, you can either get the BroilKing double burner really hot when using the high temperature setting, or barely get it high enough to boil anything (when using the low setting). The BroilKing PR-D1 professional double burner range just doesn’t have a medium setting that is so needed with this electrical appliance.

In addition, it seems that either one or two of the burners will get hot as soon as you plug the Broil King burner (even if you don’t turn it on). It’s definitely a flaw that the Broil King brand should take care of, the sooner the better.

It also means that users should not leave the BroilKing double burner range hot plate plugged in when not in use, because this can actually be quite dangerous (again, the appliance get hot even when turned off). For this reason it’s important to keep the BroilKing PR-D1 professional double burner range unplugged when not in use in order to avoid unnecessary accidents.

Furthermore, this Broil King hot plate is also not very cheap – another point for you to consider. In the end, it’s up to you to decide if you want the Broil King burner that can reach very high temperatures on the one hand, but doesn’t have a medium temperature setting and has to be unplugged when not in use.

Regardless of how well the BroilKing double burner (or a different portable electric stove) cooks, the most important thing is your own safety. Kitchen equipment that is accidentally left turned on is among the numerous fire causes that you need to know about. So even if you happened to own the BroilKing PR-D1 professional double burner range or a similar kitchen appliance you’ll have to be cautious and careful in order not to get burned or harmed by these units.