BroilKing PR-D1 Professional Double Burner Range

An additional portable electric stove that is manufactured by a respected American company is the BroilKing PR-D1 professional double burner range. Unlike many of its rivals that we are able to find in the marketplace, this Broil King hot plate actually can reach very high temperatures. On the other hand, this BroilKing portable electric range does have some disadvantages that you should know about. More info can be found in this review.

Tayama Single Burner Hot Plate THP303

Even though there are probably portable electric stove units that are more popular than the Tayama single burner hot plate, it’s still an interesting appliance for you to consider. As you may understand from its name, the Tayama THP 303 is a single plate product and is therefore not very big and more importantly – has the ability to be portable. Obviously, you have a wide range of other portable electric range plates in the industry, but each and every product is unique and has its own features and distinct aspects.