GE JBP23DRWW 30″ Freestanding Electric Range

GE JBP23DRWW 30" Freestanding Electric Range with 4 Coil ElementsAs you may realize from its name, the GE JBP23DRWW 30″ freestanding electric range with 4 coil elements is manufactured by General Electric Company – a respected multinational American brand that is famous all around the world. There is much to be said and written about the huge GE Company that currently employs 287,000 people in America and oversees as well, but for now we are going to focus on the GE freestanding electric range.

First of all, it would be necessary to point out that this electric coil stove of the GE Company includes a self cleaning oven that fits the overall design of the appliance pretty well. And if we already mentioned the design of the GE JBP23DRWW electric range – as you can see in the image here the range is colored white and has some handy features that were especially designed in order to improve the GE range’s effectiveness.

The Design of the GE JBP23DRWW Range Freestanding Electric Oven

This free standing range comes with big variable temperature controls, timer, clock and another easy cleaning feature that is going to help you a great deal – you are more than welcomed to lift the electric stove top and perform the cleaning process much more effectively and quickly.

Instead of having only one burner, like many other electric ranges in the market, the GE 30 electric range has two large and handy burners on the one hand, and on the other – you’ve got 2 small burners as well. It seems that the GE JBP23DRWW range freestanding electric oven heats up rather quickly, both the coils that don’t have much spacing between them and are therefore able to distribute the heat much better, and the oven is also able to maintain its set temperatures fairly good, not to mention that the JBP23DRWW free standing electric range has large knobs that make it easy on the user.

Moreover, the GE JBP23DRWW 30 freestanding electric range is definitely reasonably priced, not as expensive as other electric ranges and ovens, but provides the customer with a solid appliance – a standard oven and very useful coil elements (by the way there are more than enough available slots in the GE range’s oven for simply adjusting the two oven racks).

Other features of the GE JBP23DRWW range freestanding electric oven are the dual element bake, comfortable digital display of the temperatures and the unique QuickSet III oven controls.

However, the GE freestanding electric range doesn’t come with a broiler pan, so if you are replacing an old electric oven or stove with this free standing range of the General Electric Company then you should either keep your old broiler pan or purchase a new one separately.

Some people find it hard to find a quality free standing range for their house in a reasonable price (many people would probably agree that the GE freestanding electric range is one such electrical unit), so it would be smart to investigate properly and obtain enough data about the various electric ranges, ovens and other kitchen appliances that are needed for the household. In case of the GE 30 electric range that is mentioned in this review, the appliance really does seem to be solid enough for the average consumer, and if you’ve ever heard about a glass topped stove that broke, didn’t function properly or was extremely difficult to clean – then the GE JBP23DRWW 30 freestanding electric range looks like it solves all of these problems at once.