GE Profile : PP975BMBB 36 Electric Cooktop – Black

So you’ve decided to look for a quality electrical cooktop for your kitchen and encountered the GE profile: PP975BMBB 36 electric cooktop – black. But is this built-in kitchen model good enough for the average user? On this page you can find additional details and information about the GE profile 36 cooktop.

GE Profile : PP975BMBB 36 Electric Cooktop - BlackFirst of all, the smooth top surface of this unit comes has five ribbon elements that can offer the user great versatility. On the right side we can notice a 6″ warming zone and a 5″/8″ dual size ribbon heating element that also appear on the left side of the GE PP975BMBB 36 electric cooktop (meaning there are two 5″/8″ ribbon elements). These dual-sized heating elements allow the user to cook on a heating area of his or her choice.

In addition to the 5″/8″ heating element on the left side, there is also a 6″ ribbon element next to a versatile 6″/9″/12″ tri ring heating element that is located in the center of the GE 36 electric cooktop.

The GE profile 36 cooktop seems like a modern, useful and handy kitchen product that could be used to heat different pans and pots (and other cookware) simultaneously. Moreover, the ribbon elements of the GE PP975BMBB model provide the consumer with impressive heat distribution and it can also reach the desired temperature in a pretty short amount of time.

Another feature of the GE profile 30 electric cooktop is the control lock capability that basically allows you to lock the controls while cleaning the unit or prevent unwanted accidents with children.

One more thing that should concern people who want to buy a new cook top for their kitchen is the visual aspect. The contemporary design of the GE PP975BMBB 36 electric cooktop will likely fit in many modern kitchens nowadays, either the black patterned glass ceramic that is dealt with on this review page, or the GE PP975SMSS 36-inch smooth surface electric cooktop which is the stainless steel version of the same model.

Regardless of this GE PP975BMBB review, If you want to get exposed to additional interesting tips for designing a beautiful kitchen, then you should know that the Youtube video down below might contain worthy information, ideas and tips about remodeling or designing a kitchen.

Other features that are included with the GE profile 36 cooktop are the electronic touch controls, the ON/OFF indicator lights and the overall simplicity and user friendly design.

Obviously, the GE 36 electric cooktop isn’t cheap and like any electric cook top unit or General Electric product would cost you quite a bit of money.

Other alternatives to the GE PP975BMBB electric cooktop could be one that is powered by gas instead of electricity. In fact gas cooktops were the standard option long before the arrival of their electrical counterparts. It is still debatable if you should buy a cooktop electric unit like the GE profile 30 electric cooktop (or a different model) or a regular gas cooktop.

Furthermore, such gas units are also a lot more expensive when compared to the electrical models, but in the end it’s up to the user to decide which product he or she should purchase. Whether you want to cook some pasta, risotto, spaghetti, meat, eggs, pancakes, vegetables and more – it could be smart to take a look at the GE PP975BMBB 36 electric cooktop.