GE WB44T10010 Bake Element for GE, Hotpoint, and RCA Free Standing Ovens

GE WB44T10010 bake element for GE, hotpoint and RCA free standing ovens. This particular replacement part is a real GE factory part, and therefore should come with at least a one year warranty (depends on where you get it).

Obviously, people who intend or just think about purchasing the GE baking element would probably want to install it on their own. Since they most likely do not have the skills and experience of a professional then it’s important for them to be really careful.

GE WB44T10010 Bake Element for GE, Hotpoint, and RCA Free Standing OvensA lot of people don’t know it, but installing replacement parts in electrical units (like the average oven) can result in a dangerous electrical shock. Thus, it’s recommended to unplug the appliance from its power source before installing such parts, trying to repair the appliance and etc. Additionally, regardless of the WB44T10010 bake element for GE oven, these types of units often have a lot of sharp edges that may well cause an injury if you’re not careful enough.

Now, let focus on some details about this GE bake element. First of all, the General Electric bake element WB44T10010 is supposed to fit many types of ovens like GE, RCA, Hotpoint and Kenmore. The GE oven bake element dimensions are: 16-3/4″ x 17-1/2″, ends 2-1/4″ length 3″ wide and it’s also rated at 220 volts and 2585 watts.

How can you know if you need to replace the baking element in your oven (not necessarily with the GE baking element)? In nearly each and every oven that is working correctly, the bake element should glow red when turning the oven on. In case it doesn’t happen then there is a pretty good chance that that the problem is with the baking element, and therefore replacing it with the WB44T10010 bake element for GE oven (if it’s compatible) may very well solve the problem.

The GE bake element will likely to fit the majority of models that begin with: JBP10, JBS55, JCBS5, JBP25, JBP24, JBP23, JCBP6, JCBP2, JBP65, JBP64, JBP62, JBP67, JBP68, JBP71, JBP70, JB640, JB600, JB500 and 911.9.

While it’s certainly cheaper to buy the GE WB44T10010 baking element and install it on your own, you should be cautious while doing so and also know that there could be large differences in the price of the GE / Hotpoint bake element. In most cases, purchasing this electric stove replacement part (and many other products as well) from Amazon would probably be the cheapest place.

Whether you want to call an expert to fix the oven/range, or try installing the GE baking element yourself, it’s important to note that the various appliances and tools in the kitchen could cause injuries, particularly when there are little kids around. A quality oven should get hot enough to bake almost anything from pork chops, chicken breasts, turkey and beef to pies, pumpkin, cakes, bread, potato, muffins and other desserts. In addition, the large variety of recipes that the kitchen appliances allow you to cook should encourage you to try healthy foods which are much better for your bodies (regardless if you have an oven with baking element that could be replaced with the GE WB44T10010 bake element for GE oven).