Hot Apple Cider Recipe on the Electric Cooktop Stove

Whether you already have an electric cooktop stove and looking for recipes to try on it, or you just consider buying one of those electric cooktops – then you should check this hot apple cider recipe. Using the internet and visiting huge and useful websites like Youtube, there is a good chance to find something of interest to you – in this case, a video starring Melissa Schenk describing tips about how to make hot apple cider using the stove.

Apparently, Melissa Schenk is not only a talented social media strategist, but also a weather anchor, filmmaker, professional public speaker and has other skills and information that would take too much time to describe.

So let’s move on the Melissa’s Youtube video that can provide you with useful information about preparing a cup of hot apple cider with either your crockpot, electric cooktop stove or even with a coffeemaker (did you know that you could make this traditional fall drink recipe using an actual coffee maker?)

Melissa describe the hot apple cider recipe as a simple, quick and easy way to make – really not something complicated or time consuming that you should think about before deciding to make the hot apple cider with one of those electric cooktops or coffeemakers. Of course, the video contains much more useful tips and in order to cut it short just watch it down below.

As you can see in the video, Melissa recommends using the crock pot, also known as a slow cooker, for parties, holidays and events where many people are going to be present (it won’t be impossible to use the coffee maker or the electric cooktop stove instead, but not as ideal). It shouldn’t be hard to prepare the traditional fall drink on your own, it doesn’t even require great cooking skills or the help of a professional chef simply follow the instructions, be patient and your done.

Beautiful apples placed on a plateThat said, the web is literally filled with thousands of recipes of all kinds, anything you can think of – it’s there. It’s even possible to find a page in Wikipedia about apple cider ranging from information regarding the commercial production of the sweet cider, to the other variations of this tasty drink.

It’s important to note that fresh apples are not only tasty but they are also very good for our health.You can find more info in this article: 10 impressive health benefits of apples.

Remember that electric cooktops and crock pots can be used to cook many other dishes, and obviously the coffeemakers are much better used for preparing quick coffee in the morning but taking advantage of the hot apple cider recipe once in a while is a good thing, especially if your close friends or family members can also enjoy a great cup of hot apple cider.